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Purchase your Car directly from Japan

We have access to Japan’s national Auto Auction Houses which commonly known to have over 150,000 cars are taken to the auctions around the country every week that comprise the complete variety of models being manufactured in Japan.

Since all cars will go through a basic check up, all Auction houses provide a “Score card” for each car with it’s actual condition, it become safer and easier to make your decision.

Cars Selection

Choose from our selection of quality Used Japans Cars from Japan’s Auction Houses.


Tell us what you are looking for and we will search your new ride.

We will discuss with you on details specially condition of car, necessary points to be aware of for importing.

We would love to assist you.

Exporting Service

Once we’ve received full payment including shipping cost, we will arrange your car to de-register in Japan for export and arrange shipment schedule as well as prepare B/L and documents for your importing to your country.


Overseas trading business located in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan


1-5-14 Ashina, Yokosuka,
Kanagawa, Japan 240-0104

Display based on Japan antique business law
Antique dealer permit Kanagawa Police Commission: #452570012154
古物商許可: 神奈川県公安委員会 第 452570012154 号

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